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Classfinder是米米艾霖有限公司Minimish Co. Ltd.的創作。


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    Our Services


    Standard Listing

    Appear on our website. All standard listings include a bilingual description of your business, work hours, map integration, photo gallery with 5 images, reviews and links to your website and social media.

    We share your business details and listing on social media channels regularly throughout the yearly subscription.

    Premium Listing

    Aside from all the perks standard listings have, premium listings appear in our “featured” area on our website. Premium listings can have a total of 25 pictures added in the photo gallery or description area.

    We share custom designed business updates, such as discounts, news and more on social media upon request for all of our premium listings.

    (Maximum 12 updates per yearly subscription)

    Photography + Free Premium Listing

    We provide optional photography services if you need an extra boost and want high quality images taken of your workplace. We let you keep the images forever.

    Feature some of them on our website and social media or share them yourself.

    All photography sessions come with a free premium listing for the first year.

    Videography + Free Premium Listing

    We produce high quality, cinematic, short documentary style videos that appear on our YouTube Channel as well as listing site. All videos include footage of your workplace, an interview with you, and a well built narrative on how you make the world a better place. We use professional camera equipment and videos are edited with professional software.

    All video sessions come with a free premium listing for the first year.

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    Classfinder is a 米米艾霖有限公司 Minimish Co. Ltd. creation.

    You can contact us by filling out the contact form below, or simply adding us on our company Line.

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    Or write an e-mail to hello@minimish.com.